Our functional movement therapy is more than sports rehabilitation to help recover from an injury, but it also a body conditioning workout to strengthen the vulnerable parts of your body to prevent future injuries. It is available for everyone who wants to train a specific muscle group as a cross-training program to enhance performance in your favourite sport.
Functional Movement
Functional MovementFunctional Movement

What is functional movement therapy?

After the pain of an injury has diminished, your musculoskeletal system needs to regenerate and rebuild the atrophied muscles. A functional training session is designed to safely help get back your muscle's mobility and strength. 

The theory behind the functional movement is that there are only a limited number of things a human body does in daily life, but that these 7 movements are extremely important for good physical health.
Sometimes, an injury prevents you from doing one of these fundamental movements. In some cases, your sport over-developed one movement over another resulting in a lack of balance in strength that can lead to injuries.

The functional movement training aims to correct issues you may have regardless of their causes so that your body can do these 7 functional movements easily.

Which injuries can be treated with functional movement?

Functional movement training can treat a variety of issues that are caused by sport injuries, bad postures or lack of strength in some parts of your body. The most common include:
Traumatic sport injuries
Joints (eg. knee, wrist pain)
Tendons / rotator cuff (eg. shoulder pain)
Pinched nerves (eg. back pain)
Basically, any ailment that is rooted in a bad posture, a lack of strength in a specific area of your body or a localized injury can be treated with functional training.
Functional Movement
Functional Movement

Main advantages of functional movement

Functional movement training has plenty of benefits if done with discipline and with a progression plan in mind.

First, it stimulates your weakened body parts to repair muscle wastage in a manner that doesn't strain it. For instance, if you had to rest for a long period of time, you can securely make yourself ready to resume your activity with functional movement training.

Functional movement training is also suited to people who have problems due to their daily activities: joint pain, back pain or muscular pain coming from repetitive movements or lack of exercise.

It is also a useful training for people looking to improve their body's motion range or strength condition in specific areas of their body, ranging from upper to lower body muscles or even core muscles.

Since each person is unique, a functional movement training is 100% custom-made based on what the patient truly needs.

Exercices you could do during a functional movement training

Your physiotherapist might recommend you some of these exercises depending on what you need and your fitness level:
Squats & Lunges
Isometric / static & dynamic exercises
Steps / climb & descend movement
Push / pull movements, core, shoulder & arms exercises
Floorwork exercises & core conditioning
Mobility training, rotation and stretches
The workout framework is based on your functional goals, whether it is for injury recovery or sports conditioning.
Functional Movement

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Unsure of what you need?
Meet our physiotherapist for an orientating consultation.

Available therapies


Our Physiotherapist is equiped to perform using therapy instruments such as TENS, Ultrasound, Infrared, Kinesio Tape and Dry-Needle. A combination of care will be determined based on the patients' ailments or discomfort level on the injured limb.


After using passive techniques such as Infrared / Ultrasound treatment for managing and reducing the discomfort or pain of an injury. Active physiotherapy or functional movement aids in returning the range of motion of the affected muscles / joints or even preventing future injuries.

Per One Hour Session

IDR 300k

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