Infrared therapy might be offered to you as part of our sport physiotherapy sessions. It is chosen as a method for pain relief and stiffness by producing superficial thermal effect in the tissues. Here is what you should know about this treatment.
Infrared Treatment
Infrared Treatment

What are infrared treatments in physiotherapy?

Near Infrared treatments in physiotherapy uses the heating effect produced by infrared rays, a type of radiant energy invisible to human eyes to help relieve pain, ease stiffness and boost healing of soft tissue injury.

The infrared rays are sent through a non-luminous infrared lamp generator, usually over / near the painful area. The rays falling on the surface of the skin is partially reflected and partially absorbed. The one that reaches deep into the layers of body tissue will naturally help the body to ease pain, relax muscles, improve metabolism and blood flow. 

The infrared lamp, although it’s an electrical device, is not sending electricity to your body but only heat through infrared rays. The infrared therapy is therefore considered a thermotherapy.

Which injuries are well suited for infrared therapies?

All injuries that can benefit from heat, muscle relaxation and increase blood flow can potentially benefit from infrared therapies. Some of the regular cases include :
Relieve sports fatigue by reducing lactic acid in the body for a more effective rest day recovery
Muscle pain from a strain / sprain
Joint pains (eg. in the shoulder, knee, elbow or wrist)
Nerve injuries (eg. in the lower back or neck)
Bone fractures healing
Infrared Treatment
Infrared Treatment

Main benefits of infrared treatments

The main advantages of infrared treatments are found in the rays ability to penetrate deeper in the tissues, up to 4 cm beneath the skin, and distribute energy in larger areas.

It is effective in increasing circulation in the illuminated tissue leading to enhanced oxygen delivery, relieving numerous pain symptoms without using medication. It can also help improve biochemical and functional recovery by reducing inflammation in preparation for active physiotherapy / functional movement sessions and sport massage.

How safe are infrared treatments?

Infrared therapy can be received safely by most people under the supervision of a physiotherapist.Those with the following conditions should refrain from infrared therapy or consult their doctor beforehand:
Electronic or metal implants near the area that needs to be treated
Cancer patients or suspected cancer over the area
Someone with a heart or circulatory problem (eg. deep vein thrombosis)
Recently had an infection / still bleeding / with an open wound in the area
People with sensitive skin conditions (eg. eczema / dermatitis) or poor skin surface conditions from abrasion or a recent wound 
If you are not in these categories, then infrared treatment is very safe for you.
Infrared Treatment

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Available therapies


Our Physiotherapist is equiped to perform using therapy instruments such as TENS, Ultrasound, Infrared, Kinesio Tape and Dry-Needle. A combination of care will be determined based on the patients' ailments or discomfort level on the injured limb.


After using passive techniques such as Infrared / Ultrasound treatment for managing and reducing the discomfort or pain of an injury. Active physiotherapy or functional movement aids in returning the range of motion of the affected muscles / joints or even preventing future injuries.

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IDR 300k

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