A sport massage delivered by a professional physiotherapist is a great way to ease pain and gain your mobility back after an injury. Here is what you should know about our sport massages.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage

What is a sport massage in physiotherapy?

A sport massage is similar to other massages, except that it is specifically designed to help you recover from a sport session or from an injury, and that it is delivered by a professional physiotherapist.

It can be done before a competition or a training session, to avoid cramps, muscle soreness and joint issues. Or it can be performed afterwards to help recover or treat an injury.

Which injuries can be treated with sport massage?

Sport massage can prevent and treat many injuries, whether or not they are directly caused by sport:
Muscle soreness & bruising
Muscle cramps / stiffness
Joints pain
Pinched nerves (eg. back pain)
Lack of blood flow affecting endurance
Exhaustion / slow body recovery after exercises or activites
Stress and anxiety before and after a competition
In short, all conditions that can be improved by stretching, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and ease pain points, can benefit from a sports massage.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage

What are the benefits of sports massages compared to usual massages?

In a place like Bali, we surely don’t lack massage places! 

But very few of the traditional massage therapists have expertise in sport related injuries and recovery.

Our physiotherapists are not only good at giving massages, they are also human body experts. They deeply understand anatomy of the body, the intricacies of fundamental and sport movements and what their consequences are for your body.

They are therefore much more precise to adapt their massage and stretching techniques based on what you truly need and make you recover faster.

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Unsure of what you need?
Meet our physiotherapist for an orientating consultation.

Additional one hour sport massage to a single physiotherapy session, starts at

IDR 50k

Available therapies


Our Physiotherapist is equiped to perform using therapy instruments such as TENS, Ultrasound, Infrared, Kinesio Tape and Dry-Needle. A combination of care will be determined based on the patients' ailments or discomfort level on the injured limb.


After using passive techniques such as Infrared / Ultrasound treatment for managing and reducing the discomfort or pain of an injury. Active physiotherapy or functional movement aids in returning the range of motion of the affected muscles / joints or even preventing future injuries.

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